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Join Team Matt Graham for our 26th London Marathon Weekend where we provide support, accommodation and travel for runners and their families.

I recently spent an afternoon glued to the telly watching Lewis Hamilton triumph in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, followed by Andy Murray’s success in the Men’s Singles at Wimbledon. A great day for British sport and individual glory for both Lewis and Andy. What struck me forcibly was that for all their individual success, behind each man there was a dedicated team of mechanics, trainers physios etc. without whom they wouldn’t be able to function at top level. Could you change four tyres in 2.4 seconds?

The first time I ran a marathon I drove myself there, was stuck in traffic on the approach and had to abandon my car on the verge and run a mile to arrive at the Start just in time! What a warm up! I decided there had to be a better way!

For the past twenty-five years I have been dedicated to providing hassle free travel to and from the London Marathon, linked with first class accommodation and post-race facilities. I am assisted by an experienced and dedicated team of Stewards, whose one aim is to enable you to enjoy the race of your life with a minimum of stress. We will be there to be your personal caddy throughout the Marathon Weekend - including carrying your bags.

How does this work? You will be met at your point of arrival in London (eg. Euston Station) at Midday on Saturday by one of my Stewards who will escort you to the coach pick up outside the station. The coach will take you to the Marathon Exhibition in Docklands where you will have plenty of time to register for the race and browse through the Exhibition. Part of the journey to the Exhibition is like a mini-tour of London passing famous landmarks like The Tower. While you are in the Exhibition my Team will whisk your luggage away to your hotel – the next time you see it will be in your room.

From the Exhibition we take you to your hotel via the Marathon Finish. This is so that you can see where you will be able to meet up with your family, and also the location of my pick-up for the shuttle bus after the race (on Sunday after the race there will be over 20,000 people milling around here).

In my main hotel on Saturday evening there is a special Marathon Dinner laid on for all my guests. This dinner is available at an extra cost to runners staying at the budget hotels and the price includes a mini-coach transfer.

On Sunday after the early breakfast, everyone, Runners and Spectators will be taken together by coach to the Start. There are three Start lines Blue, Green and Red, but they are close together and my Stewards will be there to make sure you all go to the correct Start.

For Spectators, watching the Start from the actual Start line is an awesome experience. At the Red Start it takes about 45 minutes for all the 32,000 runners to cross the line with every opportunity to spot your runner in the melee. After the Start my team are there to escort any spectators unsure of where they are to Greenwich town centre to see the race near Cutty Sark, before meeting the coach to the Finish. Even if your runner is an elite runner, we arrive at the Finish in good time to meet up after the race.

On Sunday afternoon I have a fleet of mini-coaches running a shuttle between the Finish and my flagship hotel where the shower and changing facilities are located. We also have a buffet lunch provided for all runners and spectators throughout the afternoon so it doesn’t matter whether you finish in two hours or five, we will be there to look after you.

All of this makes up my Support Pack which is available to all whether you stay in my hotels or not. In addition to the Support Pack I have accommodation available in three hotels in Central London and coach travel from the North of England. Runners travelling from Scotland or Northern Ireland can be picked up at Luton or Stansted Airports.